5th Annual Bringing Joy to Houston


My heart is humbled,  overjoyed,  captivated and honored by the incredibly powerful movement of God’s people at our 5th Annual Bringing Joy to Houston!


We partnered with our Grace Serve Team and with an inspiring youth group out of Sam Houston State in Huntsville and we blessed hundreds of Houston’s homeless under the cross downtown!


200 blankets,  200 jackets,  care packages,  clothing,  water,  fellowship,  prayer,  christmas carols…..AAAHHHHH y’all my heart is so filled with the spirit of CHRIST!


We celebrate 5 years of doing something that once started out with 5 people on the street walking through downtown alleys just trying to be a blessing to others.  Now we are over 75+ volunteers strong!  Servants of Christ who are taking time out of their busy schedules to be the hands and feet of Jesus!


Bert Lyle with Sam Houston State has been downtown for 15 Christmas seasons serving the less fortunate!  Man,  God knows how to align his people with other like minded believers!


I want to personally thank each and every one of you who came out and supported our passion and/or donated. We know you’re busy,  we know it was freezing,  we know you have jam packed to-do list,  BUT, your support each year means more to me than you will ever know. It shows me God’s love through you,  it shows you care about others,  it proves God’s grace is never farther than an arm’s length away. It shows me you love me,  you support me and doing life with others who see your worth and value is one of the most precious, invaluable gifts possible.  Thank you, thank you,  thank you.




Thank you to all of the supporters,  donations and our awesome corporate sponsor, Universal Weather and Aviation

Merry Christmas, we love you all and pray God’s peace and blessings over you and yours this holiday season!

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