A “First” Success!

So,  I’m always looking for ways to make healthy lovable dishes! With food prep and so many meals I have to always improve,  update and innovate with my culinary creations.

I’ve been watching this cauliflower “rice” craze this year and I have to admit I was skeptical.  I love cauliflower, but as “rice”?

Tonight was beef and broccoli stir fry night.  Yum and healthy and a perfect time to try out cauliflower rice! 


Lean sirloin strips
Fresh broccoli chopped
Diced onions
Sliced onions
Flavor God Garlic Lover’s seasoning
Black pepper
Minced cauliflower
Low sodium chicken broth
Liquid Aminos

Voila!  An absolute success tonight!  Hubby loved it and so did I! Cauliflower rice is wonderful for a rice substitute and the texture was awesome! 

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