About Me

About Me


I’m a Houston born extrovert who loves chocolate, can cook and bake, worships Jesus and loves Cheesecake. I still use a day planner and I prefer to hand write my to-do list. I like to color coordinate my closets and adore labels on everything! I’m the oldest of 3 children and grew up in a house full of boys so I can hunt, fish, change a tire and kill a bug! Thank God I do not have to do many of those myself! Dog lover from the soul, completely crazy about my husband, die hard New England Patriots fan, obsessed over my nieces and nephews and absolutely enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

My blog is a space to share my life, my feelings, our infertility story and my passions. I am beginning this blog as God has put it on my heart for some time now to connect, encourage, support and inspire others who may be experiencing God’s purpose in their life! Life is about relationships and connecting with one another on a greater level.

I love life, love my husband, am a complete perfectionist, somewhat OCD and I love hosting! I LOVE taking pictures and making everyone uncomfortable with constantly saying “Get in the picture!” I enjoy a great pair of stilettos, good wine and great girl time! I am a loyally devoted daughter, friend, wife, niece, sister and one day hopefully soon……a mother!

You can definitely anticipate to find in this blog the realness of our life; the happy, sad, angry, bitter, exciting and faithful parts of our journey. The source of this blog is solely from the heart and soul, filled with an abundance of love, vulnerable in every way and meant to be the light in the darkness for everyone who visits.

It’s real here. No Judgement. No condemnation. The Good, The Bad, & The Real.

It’s filled with things that inspire me, things I love and adore, my life’s journey! I am a fitness and nutrition pursuer who loves to travel and spend quality time with the hubby! I enjoy organizing, planning and making memories with those I love!

So, why start a blog now you ask?

God. Wants. Me. To. 

I have had this on my heart for over a year now. Thought about it, talked about it, doubted it, questioned it, got excited about it, and delayed it.

Scared. Fear. Vulnerability. Exposure. Judgment. Support. Happiness

All these things have went through my mind. By writing this blog I am exposing my wounds, being vulnerable and candidly sharing bits of our life with the world. Just call me a scary cat. But forward movement without fear, resting on faith and believing in God.

He wants me to share our story, wants me to use our testimony, wants me to be 100% vulnerable to the graceful, miraculous and screwed up destined path we have to take to expand our family.

God knows, this is not how I planned our life. If anyone knows me, they know I am a planner. I Plan. I Execute. I Achieve. HaHaHa…God must laugh at me constantly! God has other plans for us when it comes to having babies and expanding our family! My plan involved finding Mr. Right, getting married, having a plethora of naturally conceived babies, buying a house and traveling. Majority of which I have been blessed with….still waiting on the babies!
Married the man of my dreams, the King God designed to walk with me through life. I love, love, love my husband. Like I actually adore him and thank God daily for him, our marriage and our journey. The struggles and the journey have strengthened our marriage and brought us to a place I never imagined being. God does the unimaginable. Exceedingly, abundantly, far beyond our dreams. That’s not to say that we are perfect or have it all figured out, but we are 2 imperfect people, perfected in God’s abounding love and glory. When we got to what we thought was the end, we tied a knot in the cord we have with God and we hung on for dear life! As one we are made whole in God’s love. Two people broken together.
We have been painfully trying to conceive since August 2008, almost 8 years. Agony. Graceful, painful, blessed agony. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I no longer have my fallopian tubes. I was told after our 2nd pregnancy loss and a life saving emergency surgery in January 2013 that the only possibility for us to conceive children would be through IVF – In Vitro Fertilization. In 2013 we completed 1 round of IVF which ended in our 3rd pregnancy loss January 2014. Most recently,  we have experienced our 4th loss to date through an unexpected natural pregnancy which resulted in another emergency life saving surgery. To date this journey has been filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, joy and pain…mostly pain. The type of pain I would beg God to take away. The type of pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I never in my life would have fathomed I would endure pain like this in a million life times. But this pain, the kind of pain so intense that it can hardly be described, has commanded a relationship with Christ that we cant get enough of. We seek him more and more every minute every day. My God, he knows exactly what we need. From my knees I reach for God every moment of every day.


I’m Very Fortunate.

This journey has changed our lives, changed our marriage and I’m devoted to not letting this define who I am and who we are. God’s grace is like none other, I stand faithful knowing that the greater the struggle the greater the reward. I was raised by an intelligent man who instilled in me to keep kicking butt no matter how many times you get knocked down!

Lastly, I want this blog to be a vessel to share with our family and friends in one seamless way the struggles, details, celebrations and updates on our journey. It will keep everyone abreast at their convenience on the current whereabouts and processes of us trying to have babies! Lessens the amount of times I have to repeat stories or situations over and over again and minimizes the repetitious questions that are sometimes very difficult for us to answer.

I hope my blog fills you with hope, love and blessings. I know that God wants relationships to be made and nurtured, lives to be touched and healed and most of all glory to be given to him abundantly. I pray our story empowers you, encourages you and gives you hope!

Thank you for visiting and for sharing our story, our struggles, the trials and the triumphs! More importantly, thanks for getting to know us on an intimate level and for all of the love and support!

To the future…and to God’s plan, we’re just riding this crazy roller coaster God is directing!