Be The Light

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” – John 12:46

My First 5 this morning was centered around Jesus’ light, being his light.

I stay consistent in prayer that we will live the light,  that we show God’s love and light in all we do.  At work,  at home,  at church,  every day, every way I pray we are living examples of his light.  I pray this world doesn’t ever dim our light or harden us so much that it extinguishes God’s beautiful light in our lives.

What good are any of us if we are just existing and not living to our full potential He destined for us? If we’re not revealing his glory into our dark world?

Do you know how to be God’s light in the darkness?

How can you be the light of Jesus in someone’s life?

How can I be the light when I’m in a world of darkness?

When I think of the people who have been the light in our lives I think about how amazing God is.! Most recently, during the last 6 weeks of recovery there have been light makers in our world of darkness.  In a storm there isn’t light,  it’s darkness all around. In the storm of infertility, financial struggle,  relationship struggle,  job problems or whatever your storm may be,  where does the light come from? From God and from the children of God. We are designed in his image,  so he shines through us. Like Job we were “cursing” God and questioning him for what is happening to us.  But God’s light kept shining through in the God fearing Christian council we surrounded ourselves with. Family,  friends,  each other.  No matter how dark your world becomes it can never extinguish the illuminating light of Jesus.

You can get bitter,  discouraged and sour OR you can see it as fertilizer and say “This situation isn’t going to defeat me;  it’s going to promote me. It’s not going to hinder me;  it’s going to help me.” – Joel Osteen

Don’t just go through it,  grow through it

We choose to Live the Light,  his light. Even in our darkest hours we won’t let this journey’s trials define us. Infertile,  no fallopian tubes,  impossible natural conception, financial immaturity,  impossible business ideas,  current marriage/divorce statistics; the labels of the world will not define who we are or whose we are.


We will keep striving to be the light everyday to everyone.  Challenged by God’s word to go out in the world and bring glory to his name through all we endure. We pray we are more like God and less like the world.

Through our infertility journey we pray that we are able to be the light, that others can easily see his love and grace and glorify his name; so that he may illuminate every darkened place in us and the glow of his presence is evident in us.

“He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings utter darkness into light.” ~ Job 12:22

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