Blurred Vision


Do times of significance cause us to reflect on things from a perspective of growth or regret? When your birthday comes around each year do you ponder on the year before and worry about the year ahead? Do anniversaries, baby showers, weddings or other life events leave you drowning in negativity, regret, doubt or worry? The lines can be blurred more often than not and we can be left with feelings of negativity or hopelessness. We can have blurred vision and be looking through cloudy goggles trying to grasp the truth.

As I sat in pure silence with the Lord this morning, I didn’t ask for anything or request anything from Him. I simply told Him I just wanted to sit with Him in his perfect presence and spend time with Him not wanting or asking for anything but giving thanks and allowing myself to spend time purely in the moment with Him. With all the significant landmarks approaching in my life I find myself reflecting much more each day. Where am I going, where do I want to be, what will become of this or that, did I make the right choice here or was this the right thing to do in this situation? Will kids be a reality for us? Will our business flourish and be successful? Will our marriage continue to grow, strengthen and elevate with God at the center? Then I feel the doubt creep in and I have to feverishly pray that God removes all fear and doubt from my mind and that I stay focused on the truths of his word. That his works are perfect and my future will be greater than my past.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5


Aren’t we all guilty of that? Doubting a choice or decision we made, or wondering what the future is going to hold. Blurry eyesight between what you think you should do and what God is calling you to do. Masquerading the lack of control we really have in comparison with God’s great control.

“Our level of faith determines our response to God.”

I’ve noticed that God has been bringing Ruth, Sarah& Abraham, and Noah up consistently in my devotions. At first I thought “Oh maybe it’s a coincidence”, LOL, not a chance with God. All of these people in the bible had to have great faith and endure waiting through unimaginable storms. All to give Glory to God and reap in his bountiful blessings. Having faith even in the hard places, now that’s something to think about. How many of us really have faith like Abraham even in our toughest times? In our toughest times, the times of greatest vulnerability, the devil tries to take hold, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. Things get blurred in vision of what God has promised and obedience is surely tested.

Our God can make everything clear in our lives. He can set our visions straight and release the blurred vision. With God there is no uncertainty, there is no confusion or indecisiveness. God comes so that we may have life and have it more fully. He wants us to create a memorable life.

During times of struggle, during uncertainty with infertility, during the wait, the storms, the hurdles, we must continue to hold tight to the truth in God’s word. When negativity has created a haze over our lives or blurred our God destined purpose we must remember to go to the one we know, Jesus. He will create a vision so clear, you won’t be able to deny His grace and mercy, giving all the glory to Him who is faithful.


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