Do You Hear That?


Me in all my morning glory! LOL

Me in all my morning glory! LOL

Woke up cranky, didn’t sleep well and wasn’t feeling well. Sleep still isn’t coming easily during this recovery and that is beyond frustrating! Anyhoooo It’s a beautiful morning in H-Town and we started our First 5 with an awesome word that led into a powerful devotion!

Do You Know The Shepherd’s Voice?

One of my spiritual goals in 2015 was to tune in to the voice of God. I remember sitting in our marriage connect class at the beginning of the year and going around discussing our goals for the year. My dear friend and her husband lead the group and are deeply rooted in the word of God. When it got to my turn I spoke and one of the things I said was I wanted to hear God’s voice. She responded with “What exactly does that mean to you, what will you do to achieve this goal and how will you know when you have accomplished this?” I sat there for a minute, I hadn’t thought about those things. She is a teacher by nature and a great friend so I appreciated the push back and challenge to push me to have a plan of action. Hearing God’s voice to me means that when I hear his voice there isn’t a doubt for me that it is him. See, I believe I have heard his voice but many times I doubt its him speaking to me. Maybe I just said that to myself, maybe I am just trying to convince myself, maybe I’m just trying to tell myself what I want to hear. I told her I would spend more time in devotion daily, spend more time in prayer, surround myself with God fearing Christian counsel in my family and friends and I would continue to fuel my faith with the word of God.

I know my husband’s voice, the voice of my nieces and nephew, the voice of my father and my family. I can depict those voices in a thousand people crowd. I know those voices. But, do I know my heavenly father’s voice? Can I hear him in the storm, through the noise of life or the crowd of the world?

He speaks out of the storm and into the storm for that is where you are. That is where God is best heard.

I am still studying the book of Job and through his suffering he cannot feel or hear God. He is begging for death and cursing God although he is awaiting to hear from him. Then, out of the storm God speaks to him. God begins to remind him that he is the almighty and knows it all.

What are we doing to tune into the word of God? What are we doing to recognize and affiliate ourselves with the calling of our shepherd? In this loud and crazy world filled with distractions at every corner, do we know whose we are? If he is calling us to do something can we even hear his voice? Are we so self absorbed that our Father calling out to us or speaking to us goes completely unnoticed? When you call your children, do they know your voice? If your parents call you, do you know their voice? Why is the same specificity not given to Christ, our Father?

My hubby and I long to hear God’s voice, desire his direction and guidance on our path of life. We want to hear him speak to his and when he calls we want to know his voice. Many times, more than not, we are so guilty with consuming the thoughts of the world. What we should be doing, what we cant do, what people want us to do. Doubts on the sanction of marriage, diagnosis from doctors, negative lab results, entrepreneurial negativity, on the job belittlement, financial distress. How funny we hear all of these things in the world, we hear the words of the world and we let them overpower the words of our God. Completely crucifying all motivation and ambition.

God never forgets who you are and what you are facing. God knows every trial we go through, and his wisdom allows each to happen.

“But God saves those who suffer through their suffering; he gets them to listen through their pain.” ~ Job 36:15

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