Do You Know?



“Long ago the LORD said to Israel: ‘I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.’” Jeremiah 31:3

Do you know just how much God loves you?

Do you know how very important and special you are to Him?

Throughout life we can get very beat down and weathered by our journey. The trials, the tribulations, the celebrations, the failures, it can all begin to weigh us down. It can make us feel unloved, unvalued, unworthy and unappreciated. We may find ourselves looking to outside sources for strength, encouragement, happiness, worth or love. If I get a man, have a baby, get this job, make this money – then, then I will be/feel/look/seem important and appreciated. Those things are so temporary and fade quickly, leaving the original void larger than when you began. When all along, if we would just look to God, he will provide our every need. He will give us strength, peace and love.

There are days I feel like I am not enough or I haven’t done enough, like I’m just. Not. Worthy. It can be a wave of things that take place; stress at work, not enough devotional time, spending less time with my spouse, not moving as fast in business transactions, not eating right or making time for the gym or not having enough time to blow dry my hair! In my previous days, I would begin to critique myself, criticize my faults and point out everything that is wrong. I am my worst critic for sure. In my spiritual growth I have learned to just look to Jesus and he will reassure me of my value and worth. Despite any of my shortcomings I am made whole and new in Him.

God’s unending love is spilled across every single verse on every page in the bible. When I read his word, it fills my heart with strength and love like none other. His word draws me closer to the truths in my life and blocks out the negative. He reminds me in His word that I don’t have to do a thing but be still and let Him work. He is in control and I have to remain obedient. No matter what, God loves you, knows you and cherishes you perfectly.

Every single time I think about children, expanding my family, adoption or IVF I fight the immediate overwhelming feeling of being forgotten and unloved. Feelings of failure, disappointment and unworthiness began to creep in. I have to force myself to look to the lives of the children I touch, the impact I make in communities where children don’t feel love outside our interaction and the constant pursuit to bring hope to children who have been forgotten. I look at my blessings in the midst of the storm – a renewed faith in God, a stronger spiritual relationship with Him than ever before, a marriage being resurrected/rebirth/rejuvenated/restored and a life that is no longer focused on myself, but on Him. Then I am reminded, God’s purpose is far beyond my understanding. His works are far beyond my imagination and everything He does is for His good and in His time.

God speaks words of life and love to us daily, just when we need it most:

“You are special to me!”

“I love you, no matter your faults!”

“I see your worth!”

“Your every breath matters to me!”

“I am proud of you!”

 When you spend time talking with God revelation occurs and your thinking is changed. God loves when you spend time with Him, it strengthens your relationship and builds you up.

“Do you know how much I love you?

“Are you aware of the distance between My holiness and your sin?”

“Will you let My love meet you in your broken places?”

“Do you know how beautiful you are to Me?”

“Will you trust Me with that obstacle/problem/heartache?”

“Will you acknowledge Me as the source of your significance and the validation you are desperate for?”

These words from God literally convicted my heart immediately. No one and I mean no one can ever diminish who you are in Christ. You are wonderful, you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are valued, you are important, you are needed, You Are.

I want to be so consecrated in His love and truths that nothing can shake my faith, no situation, no person, and no thing in my life can dictate the joy I have in my heart. Instead of living in fear of God’s love and feeling unworthy of that love, I choose to let God’s love affect every inch of my life and to rest my feelings on who He says I am. Boy its good to know the truth.

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