Faith, Hope & Love

“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” – Matthew 11:30

Mother’s Day for me is a whirlwind of emotions, smiles, tears, laughter, blessings and heartache. Yes, I said heartache. Y’all, when I tell you the devil is beating on my door more ferociously then ever before, it’s an understatement. I have been resting on this verse and praying fiercely for God to take all these burdens away. I honestly feel like Job right now, but I will not denounce or curse God in my life.

Whooo Mother’s Day 2016, a day I was blessed to celebrate all the women in my life that mother with fearlessness and faith, mother’s who excel despite any circumstance and never lose hope. I love mothers and I appreciate every single woman taking on the duty of motherhood, especially those doing it alone. Mother’s living by Faith, Hope & Love.

I’m also reminded of the sweet man in my life who has not only been my father, but also my mother. The man who wears so many hats but is never to busy to be 2 parents in one. No, it’s not ideal being a single dad but my daddy did it with faith, hope & love. He raised three children as a single dad and to this day has never be absent when I really need him. My heart swells up and I am so humbled that God blessed me with him. So, each year I wish my daddy a happy Mother’s day too, a father who had to make the choice to also be a mother.

My sweet, graceful, exquisite, elegant, patient mother in law; the woman I was blessed with by marriage and so very thankful for her presence in my life. She is an ever-present example of a God-fearing woman, a proverbs 31 woman and a patient, gentle, loving mother. The way she loves her son, my husband, is something I have never experienced first hand but it’s so amazing to be a witness to that type of love. The wife she is, the faithful servant of God and the glue that keeps it all together; she is a mother to me more than she knows. Faith, Hope & Love.

Although I was extremely antsy and borderline in tears on Sunday, I sat in the sanctuary of our church and asked the Lord to open my ears to hear His word. My Pastor brought that word directly to me and made me so happy I chose to go to service. He told the story of Abraham and his son, the son he was going to offer as sacrifice to the Lord. God tested Abraham with his most prized possession, his child. I don’t know about you, but I would be on the fence about sacrificing my child. Abraham was so faithful and so obedient. Then this story began to unravel and speak to my heart; I have been on my journey to sacrifice my situations and life to the Lord. Giving what I have to Him on the altar in faith that He will make a way. I’m walking up that mountain with my infertility, my past mistakes, my husband, my marriage, my businesses and my relationships. I believe by faith that God will provide a ram and renew all things in his presence.

 I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me.” – Genesis 22:17

Happy non-mother’s day to me. It’s almost crippling to want children and not have any, to have every mother’s day pass and you never hear “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom” and to be waiting for God’s will. Every mother’s day for a woman who is battling infertility is like standing on a thousand needles barefoot. The husbands who are standing next to these woman struggle with finding a way to ease that pain and provide comfort and support. Infertility makes mother’s day hard. But, thankfully my eyes are focused UP and I know He has a plan for me, my husband and our future children. Kuddos to my hubby for standing beside me giving me strength even though I know his heart was hurting too.

There were some very sweet texts I received on mother’s day that brightened my day and made me thankful. People wished me a happy mother’s day regardless of me being childless. They shared with me how they see me caring for people and know that I am always taking care of someone. How sweet it is to have people sensitive to your journey and willing to celebrate with you right where you are. I know God is working all things together for our good and I know He is preparing us to expand our family, we just had to be tested. He had to know that when we are blessed with children we wouldn’t give credit to IVF, modern-day medicine, adoption, money or doctors, that we would give Him all the glory. We are living by Faith, Hope and Love. Never giving up Hope, walking by Faith and Loving others with God’s love.

So, my mother’s day is coming y’all and until it does I am celebrating all the mother’s and women battling infertility everywhere!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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