First 5


How important are the first 5 minutes of everyday? What is the first thing you currently do when you open your eyes, what/who gets your first 5 minutes?

I’m guilty of waking to a screaming alarm,  pinching time to get ready for the day,  rushing through the morning routine and flying out the door to make it to the office.  Hubby and I have made a commitment to pray together before leaving the house each day, which we do.  But the rest of the moments are partially auto pilot.

Doesn’t God deserve the first 5 minutes of your day?  Don’t you owe it to yourself to start your day purposefully with the armor of the word on your chest?

Proverbs 31 has created an app and movement called First 5. Purposefully giving the first 5 minutes of everyday to God.  Each day the app sends you an encouraging scripture and passage from that weeks’ teachings to read and pray on. 5 minutes,  that’s all it takes!

It has changed my days and has proven to be more impacting than I anticipated. I have even shared some with hubby and he has find these to be wonderful beginnings to each day!

Give it a try,  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

How will you use the first 5 minutes of your day?

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