Friday Focus: Calling


Remember: Jesus called us to be a light to this world.

When I, with a giving attitude, express that part of my soul literally dying to be expressed, I shine a reflection of Jesus.

– Lysa Terkeurst

I began this blog as a way to share my journey, my testimony, updates on my infertility journey, encourage other woman going through the same thing, encourage anyone & everyone, but most importantly to spread the word & love of Jesus Christ. If He did it for me, He can surely do it for you! My sole motivation was to change people’s lives, to empower people, to connect with people and to show people God’s love.

My journey isn’t pretty and every day isn’t filled with rainbows & unicorns, but my journey is a testimony to the greatness of God’s unending love, His gracious mercy and forgiveness, and the ever-present example that God never leaves us. I’m an perfectly imperfect child of God and my hope is that everyone can find my testimony relatable in some way and that you find strength, hope, love and encouragement here.

My prayer is that everyone who reads this blog, knows my story, listens to my testimony, follows my journey and relates in some way will know the mighty love of Jesus Christ.

I pray you find encouragement and strength, know that you are never alone and realize you are called to be a light in the darkness.

Every time I share a part of my soul in this blog or in my life, I shine a reflection of Jesus.

“For many are called, but few are chosen” – Matthew 22:14

Go be the light, spread the love & shine bright for Jesus!


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