Friday Focus: Labor in Love

“To equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” – Ephesians 4:12

As we are approaching a much needed holiday weekend I remember what the Labor Day holiday really means. A celebration of the working people. A Celebration for the working people. There are many moments of celebration in our lives and it really sits on my heart that celebrations aren’t expected or determined to come. We celebrate milestones, birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, life, new jobs, new vehicles, new birth and never fully understand how special each of these moments in our lives are. These celebrations are in His divine plan for our lives.


Friday “work mode”

So in this season where celebrations may seem scarce I ponder on what things I’m truly missing out on celebrating. You cannot go around, above, or below grief; you have to go through it to get through it. What this looks like for me lately is a mish mash of crazy emotions and thoughts but I still see the hope for a better future. It’s easy for me to jam pack our schedules, overwork ourselves and do any and everything to bury the grief deep down in our souls so that it can never be found. But it’s the work, the hard work one must do to go through the grief that delivers us from the bondage that grief can bring. That calls for a celebration. We celebrate being overcomers.

Additionally, the works we do for Jesus are by far the most rewarding works we will ever do. Doing his service and being his arms and feet to this world will reap us a celebration in eternity far greater than our imagination. There is nothing that gives my heart more joy than to work for the Lord. I don’t publicize it, no one knows my works but Him. He knows I want to please him and one of the ways I can do so is by working for him.

la′bor of love′
work done for interest in the work itself rather than for payment.

When we labor in love for Jesus, it’s not for payment, for accolades, for money, for awards, it’s for the pleasure it brings our hearts to work for Jesus and a great purpose for our lives. Even in the workplace I recognize that I do not work for my boss or for my company, but I work for Jesus. What would happen if everything we did—every day—we did as if Jesus was standing there, and He was the one who had given us a task to perform? Would we approach the job differently? Would we be watching the clock so we could “punch out,” or count the days with a TGIF attitude? Would he celebrate our work or be saddened by our efforts? Living to please him takes refined focus and unselfishness.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” – Colossians 3:23

Each day I strive to give it 100%, no matter how I’m feeling or what is going on in my world. You are always “on the clock” for Jesus and everything you do or say throughout your day is a representation of him. What will you show? What will your actions say? How will you love show your love of Jesus?

As I continue to transition through this period of uncertainty in our lives I pray to always be open to be a faithful flower of Jesus. I want to please God and I want him to be pleased with us. I pray the Lord keeps me sensitive to his calling and his purpose, that I may walk where he wants me to walk, linger where he wants me to linger and love those that need love the most. Including myself.


Work is never easy, it’s always necessary. The rewards/celebrations for work well done are more than worth it. Happy Labor Day!


Cheers to a happy and safe holiday everyone!


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