Monday Mania L.O.L


Post Workout, a sweaty mess

S/O to one of my beautiful, sweet and dear girlfriends who had me in spin class today with a “go hard or go home” spin instructor.  It’s my 1st workout since the surgery and I went hard.  I definitely have tons of room to grow again because I wasn’t as good as I used to be in the saddle but I got my 1st hour of cardio down for the week!

I literally thought I was going to throw up but I pushed through and riding next to my girl made me inspired to keep going.  She is a beast.   


Meal Prep Mondays

Then I made it home to prep for the rest of the week.  It’s true,  if you aren’t prepared you fail.  All groceries are from Sprouts,  which I adore! $60 feeds us for majority of the week,  all clean and healthy. My nutrition plan is created and tailored to fit my needs so I’m not on a diet,  I’m in a lifestyle.

Cod,  jalapeño chicken meatballs,  turkey burgers,  sweet potatoes,  veggies,  salad,  oatmeal…..cheers to healthy eating! 

Just weeks till my birth date,  I’m determined to celebrate it in much better shape then I am now!  

Fail to plan,  plan to fail. 

Kicked Mondays butt!  

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