Monday, Monday, Run Day


Working on this “just keep going” mindset.  My nutritionist/trainer is amazing and working with her is definitely changing everything I ever thought about fitness/nutrition/health. She is everything! Check her out for holistic nutrition,  fitness,  bootcamps, personal training,  pre natal and post natal fitness/nutrition! –>>> Shanda Harrison – R3Fuel

But,  that means I’m on the slow and healthy lifestyle.  Like, why can’t I just wake up and be a bikini model! arrgghh L.O.L

But I’m not beating myself up anymore and counting every single calorie like a maniac.  I’m eating healthy/clean,  being active, listening to my body,  resting and most importantly being consistent. 


Running by the water tonight!

The composition of my body changed with the c section and without my permission my body has decided to take more work to get back to my desired body vision. I’m using a few exercises for post pregnancy women to help with the tissue but for the most part it’s going to take time to heal and rebuild muscle.  


Getting my required cardio in

My patience is still short and I still crave instant gratification,  but I’m impatiently following the path to a healthier happier lifestyle.

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