So, yes, next week is …….. MARCH! 2016 is flying by!

If I asked you, “How are you doing?,” would you wonder where to begin? Do you wonder with all the millions of things going on in your life, is it too much? When you look at how full your life is do you assess your priority list frequently? Am I investing my time, energy, and spiritual passions in the best manner? Does God want me to stop and assess—and perhaps rethink—my priorities? Does He want me to better care for myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally, in a more intelligent and thoughtful way? I ask myself these things often.

Where do you fall on your priority list? Honestly, I have always fallen last on my priority list. Sad, but true. Until, now. I am placing myself second to God on my list.  That’s where I am placing myself, and I am not making any excuses or apologies for it. That means before my family, friends, and career. Even before my ministry. Whooooaaaa brain change!

Now, as I embark on this new shift and immense growth in my life, I battle feeling selfish and self-centered. I have to revert back to God’s word for confidence. I have always been a giver, but I have never made myself a priority. God brought me into situations in life that forced me to stop and assess, to rethink everything I do and to evaluate importance and priority. In these storms some of the greatest revelations of my life have surfaced. Priority has been a major one this year.

“I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you . . . and you will be a blessing to others” Genesis 12:2

So, what’s different now? It is sinking in that I can’t take care of anyone else unless I take care of myself first. Mind blown! It took me this long to realize this?! God must laugh at me daily!


If you have ever taken a flight anywhere I am sure you have heard this: “In the event of a change in cabin pressure, panels above your head will open revealing oxygen masks. Remember to secure your own mask before assisting others.” Because, you cannot help others with their oxygen masks if you can’t breathe yourself! So, from a new-found perspective I realize I have to nurture myself first (second only to God) in order to be spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically available to others. This prepares me to serve others.

  • If I don’t feed myself spiritually, I don’t have the spiritual resources needed to share with others. I need to read the bible and pray daily.
  • If I don’t make the effort to work through my own emotional wounds, I end up reacting to others instead of being in a position to minister to them. This is why I have to heal myself, deal with the underlying issues, seek Godly counsel and work daily to use my experiences to grow as a woman. Making sure my heart isn’t hardened.
  • If I don’t look after my own physical health and become sick or ran down, I am not much use to my family, friends or my business. I need to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
  • If I don’t get sufficient rest, I get worn down. I can’t focus or devote 100% to anything if I am exhausted. This is why I am trying to make more time to sleep at least 6 – 7 hours a night.

If I want to be an example for others I have to live the way I want to influence others. I am in a much greater position to serve and give to others when I take care of myself. By taking care of myself I am Glorifying God, taking care of His temple, being a great witness and equipping myself with energy for His purpose. I think more intently now than ever before about my actions, my intentions, my commitments and my priorities.

Some things I am using for focus when making priorities:

  • Don’t overload yourself with commitments (Decide ahead of time how many projects, committees, nights out, etc., are healthy for you and your family)
  • Before agreeing to take something on, making it a matter of prayer for a day or two or three (however long it takes)
  • Cultivate and make time for fun with friends. Laughter is vital for health.

Not that I haven’t known this already, but I am more and more aware that God has given us only ONE LIFE to live. This life is a priceless gift and a holy responsibility. God wants us to live this life for Him with joy, passion, and fulfillment. But for this to happen, we need to take care of ourselves. Don’t be ashamed or feel guilty for taking care of you! #Priorities

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