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The devil tries to work even harder when God’s work is being done. I don’t know why that shocks me but I guess I keep thinking “Why don’t you just give up devil, you clearly see you cant break me or take me from God!”  Trust me, I know the power of God, I have seen it in our lives over and over again. But, honestly, its quite difficult in the trenches to see the hope of God’s love and the evidence of his works in our lives. Now I am not saying I don’t have faith and hope and I don’t believe but sometimes I get in a place where it’s foggy and it seems God has left me. At these times I know he must be working overtime to produce the fruits of his labors in our lives.


Most days I can easily open my eyes and see his blessings. I am overwhelmed with emotion some days by how awesome and great he has been to us. We all want a promotion and to advance in our lives. Whether it be at work, at school, in sports, in relationships, in finances, we all want forward progression and rewards or accolades for the great things we’ve done. But what about the greatest promotion of all, the one from our Heavenly Father? I’ve always been a go-getter so promoting or advancing has always been an expectation of mine but that’s not to say that it hasn’t come with extreme sacrifice and tons of hard work. I’m talking about the kind of hard work that keeps you being the last one to leave and the first one to arrive. The kind of hard work that chips your manicure and gives you split ends! Everything I have wanted in my life I have gotten. Maybe not at the exact time I wanted but I have gotten it. No one has given it to me I have gone out there and got it, worked hard, kept my head down and persevered. My tenacious character has helped me excel quicker and earlier than some but it has proven that every time I was getting ready to be promoted in my life a significant amount of grief has come my way.


However, why isn’t building a family as easy as putting in the work, time and money and getting the end results…babies?! Or is this another time when I am going to get my heart’s desires but maybe not at the exact time I want? How frustrating! Where is the plan of action, the blueprint, the process I need to follow or what I need to do to get what I want?! Grrrr…. My humanistic nature knows that I am ready to plan, get things done, lock in my focus and get to work. But, that just isn’t how our story is going to go. Building our family is the one thing in the world that we have no control over. We have always had adoption on our hearts, being that we are both adopted we have always known we wanted to adopt. We never thought it might be our only way or the first way to expanding our family. But over the last year adoption has been heavily on our hearts and minds and we’re seeking God’s answers on this path of having children.Adoption-words

BUT, I like to be in control of MY life and what happens. WAIT….reflection…

May he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans! – Psalms 20:4

In this escalation of trouble over the last few years through infertility, marriage struggles, finances, careers, friends, etc… look at how God has promoted me/us! I think about where we were, where we are and where we will be and I thank God for the undeserving promotion in our lives. He promoted us into a phenomenally strong and solid marriage in Christ, he promoted us into equally yoked friendships and christian council, he promoted us into financial education and awareness as partners, he promotes us into impacting positions in our church and he promotes us into places to bring hope to others that otherwise might not have it. Some time ago my dear sister in Christ told me “Your name will be great, The Phillips name will bless thousands and touch nations.” My God, how you always give us more than we deserve and more than we can ever imagine. His promotions in our lives are always purposed and planned.

“And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.” – Genesis 12:2

Krystle & Ryan 160

Sometimes we walk through life with horse blinders on, only seeing what we want and how we want it. It wasn’t until we surrendered to God in our weakest times that he began to promote us in our lives. No, we haven’t been blessed with expansion in our family yet but we have been promoted in areas of our lives where we can bring Glory to God’s name, bless his name and bring others to know Jesus Christ. Not to say that we are holier than thou but we know God, fear God, love God and respect God. We have a living relationship with God. Although I do not understand his plan, I know he is working to continue promotion in our lives. We pray that he promotes us and blesses us with children in whichever way is purposed for us. But in the meantime we pray that during these times in the storms we stay faithful to his promises for us.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you.” – 1 Peter 5:6

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