Pure Barre + H&M


Had a long but wonderful ending day! Completed my 1st Barre class tonight with one of my boo thangs at Pure Barre – River Oaks and we sweated and had the most amazing total body workout with instructor Risa!  They have something great going on in there,  this Pure Barre method is legit! Wonderful way to spend time with her and it helped me find something else new in my life that I enjoy for fitness.  I’m sure I’ll be sore and my core will hurt tomorrow but it felt great! Yeaaay to another one of my sweet friends turning me onto this and yeaaay to her being a barre instructor soon! Loved getting better with my sweet girlfriend,  darn,  we got no pictures!


Then……..DRUMROLL……….The new H&M opened today and I had to go there before closing time. 🙂 The opening day sales were terrific and the layout and size of the store was on point.  They put this in walking distance from my house,  who can say frequent shopper?! I love H&M, and well, I love shopping!

Terrific Thursday in the books! Happy Friday Eve!

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