The Heat Wave of Fear


Spent time today with my man and visited a couple friends.  It was simplicity and nothing over the top as this was the first time I’ve really been out and about since the surgery! I love just being/hanging with him.

I’m officially 6 weeks post op today and although I have more healing to go,  this is the mid checkpoint my doctor wanted me to reach safely.

It was H.O.T outside (like 102° hot) and as much as I wanted to be in the pool I can’t quite do so just yet until the c section incisions are completely healed.

We drove around,  ate,  talked about life,  goals,  aspirations and dreams.  We talk often,  we work daily on communication with each other because it’s so essential in any relationship in life,  especially marriage. 

One thing we have been talking about more frequently and most recently is fear.  The fear that cripples us and makes us doubt God,  our calling,  our ambitions and ourselves. The kind of fear that stifles the very dreams that change nations. Why are we so fearful as people to step out on faith and do the things God has called us to do?  I swear we are so guilty of coming up with every excuse possible for why we can’t do this and can’t do that.  Rather,  we should root ourselves in the Lord and understand that his plan is absolutely perfect despite our hesitations or doubt. What blessing is just around the corner for you? 

Is it starting a new business?
Is it overcoming job loss?
Is it ending an unhealthy relationship?
Changing careers?
Overcoming the loss of a child?
Stepping out to try conceiving a child?
Another round of IVF?

Each of us carry our load and although it may be hard for us to see past this moment we’re in,  this storm we’re fighting through,  this valley were crawling out of,  God never leaves us.  Even though we are fearful he never let’s us go. 

As we chatted today we realized anything is possible in the Lord. Expanding our family is possible,  it may not happen the way we thought it would,  it may not be when we thought it would, but he knows the deepest desires of our heart and he rewards the faithful. 

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,  plans to give you hope and a future. ”
~ Jeremiah 29:11

God specializes in impossibilities.

As scared as we are to take the next step to healing,  to recovery,  to rehabilitation, to progress on entrepreneurship, to living life,  we’re far more fearful of staying where we are. 


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