The Thickness of God’s Presence


Today was a day like no other, it was like a “Mighty Morphin Power Ranger” kind of day. The thickness of God’s presence enveloped our entire day. God, I stand in complete awe of the purposed appointments that we were blessed to be a part of.

Are you failing to be in the moment feeling God’s presence?

Are you so busy focusing on everything else that God’s presence is overshadowed in your life?

Sunday morning came and we headed off to pick up our church boys and the devil was on the prowl. Just lurking to see how he could infect our morning/day.

BAM! Someone hit us on the way to church! Minor fender bender and no one was hurt so we exchanged information and kept it moving. Arrived at church and began our Sunday morning with our church family.

My husband was serving today so I took my place on the front row and began to worship.

Then, it happened. God sent his message to me loud and clear. He picked these songs of worship to speak to my heart. I. Love. Praise & Worship at Grace GO.


Christ is Enough – Hillsong

Anchor – Hillsong

Sinking Deep – Hillsong

The presence of God in that sanctuary today was breath taking. I cried, I wept, I praised, I worshiped. I didn’t care who saw because I wanted God to see me, in that very moment I wanted him to see me bare, vulnerable and aching from the pain. My husband came from serving and stood next to me in tears. He was crying out to God, weeping, then got down on his knees and praised God through his sobbing. Our very dear friends prayed over me, over us, spoke life, peace and comfort into our heart. Their family, they love us and they do life with us. Broken we come to God crying out for healing.  Chains were broken, walls were crumbling down.

EVERYthing about today was different. Praise & Worship, sermon, my Pastor, prayer time, benediction and baptism, everything was different. We had 20 more people get baptized today!

It’s been the enemies plan to corrupt what God has created.

We are warriors and worshipers.

Our afternoon progressed with 103° heat and we had an amazing lunch to celebrate our friend’s recent engagement and spent time laughing and loving on them.

We ended the day on a note that will change lives, change marriages, change impressions and empower overcoming. Our great friends who have become family over the last few years called a framily meeting with their closet couples who have all become extended family. We all met, had dinner and they shared some exciting news in their lives with all of us. More importantly they shared the season of favor they are in right now and wanted the closet people they love to know about it and be included in the rain showers of blessing. They prayed over us and each of us joined with our spouses and directly spoke to God about the things in our life we needed overcoming and blessings for. Right there in the restaurant we all were praying and calling on God. People were walking through, children were watching, we were changing the environment in that place forever.

This husband and wife loved all of us enough to share with us their season of favor, knowing that by being close to them we will be blessed as a result of our relationship with them. It was an amazing time, conviction and calling were dwelling and the presence of the Lord was there touching each of us. The most powerful feeling in the world is to do life with other faithful Christian believers who lift each other up, pray for each other and are there for each other in all aspects of life! We left from there with a joy and peace far beyond anything we could imagine.

God’s presence surrounds us everyday. I’ve surrendered myself to him and I am more aware of his presence each day.

We leave the land of sin and move into the country of grace. We’re looking for something to fill us, when all we need to fill us is something that was created from nothing, Jesus Christ.

God’s motivation has always been to make you great,  make you succeed and bless you. Not so you can be blessed but so you can bless others, so we can make a difference to others.

Thankful for the Godly council and framily that we have in our lives to do life with!

Such a word I received today – Sit at the foot of Jesus and be still. Like the story of Mary & Martha, be like Mary and sit at the foot of Jesus and be still, let him do the work.

We pray that we are never more focused on things of the world that it prohibits us from recognizing the presence of God in our everyday lives.

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