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I am me, I realize I am not everyone’s glass of wine; but—–I am becoming more okay with being okay with that. Who I am called to be is my destiny and may not mesh with everyone I encounter. I am coming into who I am supposed to be each and every day.

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” – 2 Corinthians 5:21

You are called to be you and to be righteous in all you do. That in turn means not everyone is going to like you, applaud you, support you or encourage you. That’s okay, you have to be unapologetically the person God has called you to be; it is in the design and makeup of your DNA. Walk confidentially forward knowing you can do best by just being you. Love yourself, hug yourself, praise yourself, encourage yourself, spoil yourself and continue to fill yourself with God’s truths on who you are and whose you are. Nothing else matters.

Majority of people spend their whole lives trying to be what they “think” they are supposed to be, what others want them to be, what society says they should be or what someone has forced them to believe they are.

Im supposed to be a size 0

Im supposed to graduate college

Im supposed to work for a company for 40 years climbing the ladder

Im supposed to be married by 25

Im supposed to have # of children by 30

Im supposed to have $$$ of money in the bank

Im supposed to go to church

Exhausting, huh? Trying to live up to the “supposed to’s” when in all actuality you probably have no clue what you are really called to do. In a world full of followers, step out —- be unique, be courageous, be dynamic, be a leader! Be righteous, do what God calls you to do. Don’t worry what anyone else in the whole world thinks about you. They hated Jesus, what makes you think you won’t be hated on too? Haters? Really? Thank God for your haters! When people are “hating” on you that means you must be doing something right! There will be people disguised as friends/family/spouses/etc… that will try to tear you down, diminish your value or speak toxic things into your life. BE YOU. Be the YOU God calls you to be. Rise up to the calling of your god-given gifts and talents. It takes much reflection to realize a talent is very different from a skill.

talent: a special natural ability or quality. The synonym for talent is endowment or gift.

skill: an ability that has been acquired by training

Your talent is a gift from God, it is a natural ability for you to freely be who you are. It’s not always going to be popular, it’s not always going to be accepted but walking in the path you have been designed for is righteousness to God.

Keep going. Keep fighting the battle. Keep dancing in the rain. You can do it, you can make it. You are the only one stopping you from anything you want.


A constant bear I battle daily; focusing on being exactly who I am called to be. As a people-pleaser mixed with an insane level of ambition and drive, I can see many times when I was being who I thought I should be, who someone told me I was supposed to be and doing things that seemed like I was supposed to be doing. Much of my life has been filled with naysayers and negativity in some form or fashion. People doubting my ideas, my actions, my service, my decisions. People telling me what I should be doing or need to do to have the “Dream Life.” People giving me advice they don’t take themselves or giving me advice to try to hold me back in the same spot they are in. Misery loves company, sad but true. You have to be extremely conscientious of who you allow to be in your inner circle. You have to be supremely cautious of who you allow to pour into your life. If you focus your efforts on being who God calls you to be then He will put the people in your life that are supposed to be there. I’ve had people say I would never graduate college, I would never have a great job, I would never amount to anything, I would be a pregnant drug addict by 16, I wont have children, I will have a failed marriage, I will never be good enough and the list goes on and on. By God’s continuing grace I constantly defy the odds. The people I have in my life now celebrate me, encourage me, help me grow, keep me grounded, build me up and just do life with me. No motives, no pretending, no judgments and no expectations.

“Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. This is my rule in all the churches.” – 1 Corinthians 7:17

I am a true activist for learning to love yourself, learning to value yourself, learning to appreciate every situation in your life and learning to let go. I’ve let go of pretending to be someone I’m not, I’ve let go of trying to be or do what anyone else thinks I should be doing. I’m just going to be the best me I can be. I’m learning every day what self-love is, feels like, looks like and sounds like. I’m learning how to be myself and worry less about what everyone else thinks. Always remember: what is for you, is for you and there is nothing anyone can do to take that from you. God knows every hair on your head, he skillfully planned your life out before you were conceived in the womb, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Free yourself from a life of pretending to be someone else, free yourself from living a life that is “keeping up with the Jones.” Step out on faith, challenge yourself to do something different – BE YOU. Be unapologetically YOU.

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We answer to one power, God, stop concerning yourself with what everyone else thinks. Stop concerning yourself with what everyone else is doing. Learn to live in your lane, your way, your purpose and your destiny. When you know who you are in the Lord, what others say doesn’t even matter anymore. Let’s spend more time building each other up, encouraging one another, praying for one another and loving one another. Everyday is a journey to who you are designed to be.

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement;t if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully. – Romans 12:6-8

You are your truest you, not when you are criticizing yourself or comparing yourself against someone else. You are your truest you when your eyes are fixed on Jesus and following him in faith. When you are serving others in love with the grace-gifts God has assigned to you. You owe it to yourself, you deserve it and there is someone out there who will be empowered by you.

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